Volunteer Board

Here are opportunities to volunteer midweek and  outside of events.

Have donations?
We are currently accepting food and clothing donations to give out to families during our outreach events. Please note, we only take new to lightly worn clothes.
Family Follow-up Coordinator
This opportunity is to call and connect with our families that have attended events in the past.This is a great resource to invite them to upcoming events, see what other needs are present in the household, and overall to remind families that we care and want to connect with them.
Donation and Storage Maintenance
Being a non-profit comes with a lot of donations and making room for them. We have a storage facility that needs continual upkeep. This role requires the ability to carry 10lbs and more if needed.
Resource Shopper
We need people passionate about looking for and purchasing resources for our families for upcoming outreaches. ------------------------------------------------------------ *volunteer must have their own form of transportation.
Event Prep
We are looking for individuals that are able to help in picking up materials for upcoming events. This may include wood pallets, boxes, wire racks, etc.
*Please include what area you would like to volunteer for

September 22nd

Come volunteer at the return of MyBlock!
We will be hosting a Family Movie Night at Andersen JR High. Where we will be encouraging our families to join us in watching "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."
We are looking for volunteers that will share our excitement and serve our families!
Sign Up Below.

Join us and Volunteer for our 4th great GREAT Saturday! 

Every month we get the opportunity to serve our local community by providing resources.
Click below to fill a volunteer spot today! 

October 27th & 28th

Our annual Halloween event returns! This year it will be a 2 night event! To purchase your tickets ahead of time, click the link below.

To volunteer in any capacity, click Below.

MyBlock will be hosting our fall fest that will include carnival games, a photo booth, & Trunk-Or-Treat section.

If you would like to host a Trunk to give out candy. Reserve your spot today! Limited spots available.

There will be a contest with a prize for best Trunk theme and decoration.

$100 donation to reserve a Trunk Spot.

The East Valley Dream Center exists to eradicate poverty
through community outreach
& free acts of service.

Rewind Fest! 

On October 14th, the EVDC will be hosting local bands and vintage vendors for a fundraiser. Our goal this night will be to raise $10,000 for our kids to have a STEM program.

Buy a ticket today to attend! 
If you would like to donate to this event. Please click the link below!

Become a Mutual Dreamer

A Mutual Dreamer is a partner that mutually DREAMS with us and help support the East Valley Dream Center on a monthly basis.
 This helps us budget and plan proactively for events and programs. Become a Mutual Dreamer today by clicking recurring gift.

Our Monthly Great GREAT Saturday event was held on  August 26th.
A huge  "Thank You," to all of our volunteers and sponsors! This is a monthly resource for all of our families.
Please lookout for volunteer opportunities for our next Great GREAT Saturday! 

Take a look at Shoes For School 2023! 
Where 258 kids went home with a brand new pair of shoes and over 390 people were served with food and lemonade.
This entire event was funded by our donors and partners, so THANK YOU to those that donated and joined us on this Saturday.
Shout out to sponsors and donors.