Eradicating Poverty, Empowering Families.

The East Valley Dream Center exists to eradicate poverty through community outreach and free acts of service.

Where families flourish.

At the East Valley Dream Center, we are dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive community where families can thrive. Discover a range of programs and services tailored to nurture growth, foster well-being, and empower every member of your family. Join us on a journey towards a brighter future together.

Great GREAT Saturday

“Great GREAT Saturday" is a monthly community initiative, where individuals and families can come together to access a wide range of essentials and various resources. 

Greatest Day Ever

"Greatest Day Ever" is our annual extravaganza serve day, a day filled with games, food, music, dancing, surprise, and fun, offering kids a once-in-a-lifetime party experience.


"MyBlock" is a monthly celebration that unites the community through engaging activities, to strengthen the bonds that make the neighborhood a vibrant place we call home. 


"Thanksmas" is a heartwarming fusion of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, where we come together to spread joy through food and gifts during the holiday season.


"MySports" encompasses our quartly sports camps tailored for low-income children, providing them with opportunities to engage in sports and lead active, healthy lifestyles.


"MyMoney" is a financial education program designed to help families in need learn essential money management skills, empowering them to take control of their finances.

Our dream makers.

Join us in making dreams a reality: Volunteer at the East Valley Dream Center and become a catalyst for change with us!

Ready to volunteer? Join the fun!

Embark on a fulfilling adventure with us as a Dream Maker! At the EVDC, we're all about spreading joy, creating unforgettable memories, and making a positive impact in the lives of others. Join our vibrant community of volunteers. Together, let's make an impactful difference in the City of Chandler, Arizona and beyond!


A Mutual Dreamer is a partner who shares in our vision and financially supports the East Valley Dream Center on a monthly basis. Your commitment helps us proactively budget and plan for our events and programs. Become a Mutual Dreamer today by setting up a recurring gift. DREAM with us, today!

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Dive into stories of hope, community, and transformation that showcase the incredible work we do together. Join us on this journey of making dreams a reality. Visit our blogs today!

"The East Valley Dream Center has been a beacon of hope for our family during tough times. They have provided us with essential resources and support that we are truly grateful for"

- Jason

"Volunteering at the East Valley Dream Center has been a rewarding experience. The impact we make on families' lives is truly fulfilling, and I'm grateful to be a part of such a compassionate team."

- Kristen

"We donate to EVDC because we admire their impactful work and want to contribute, even though we can't be there physically. Their transparency and dedication to those they serve inspire us. Seeing their updates brings us joy, and we happily donate $1k/month, knowing it directly benefits a community in need of hope."

- Joey

Together, we inspire change.

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