About Us

Danny Gonzalez


Growing up in poverty with a single mom who did her best to raise 5 kids all on her own helped shaped who Danny Gonzalez, our executive director, is today and truly set the foundation for what the East Valley Dream Center would become. In 2010, while attending a conference in Phoenix, Arizona, Danny felt that God gave him a dream to open up a dream center. Fast forward 9 years later, Danny along with his brother and life long friend decided to start on that journey. Seeing the needs in the community, from families not being able to pay household bills to kids struggling to make their grades in school, Danny and the East Valley Dream Center team envisioned a place where families could find hope and help.

Meet Our Team

In April 2019, we put a team together of amazing individuals who are working hard to see this city reached.
We believe that there is a plan for every family, every kid, and every soul. We are working towards eradicating poverty  in the City of Chandler free of charge!