Kickstart - the ultimate back-to-school readiness event by EVDC! Join us as we gear up to support 500 students in need with everything they require to kickstart the new school year with confidence and readiness. We are proud to offer over 500 pairs of shoes, backpacks, school supplies, haircuts, resources, and more to ensure that every child is equipped for success. By collaborating with school social workers, we are able to identify and cater to the specific needs of students, guaranteeing that no child is left behind. Let's come together to empower our youth and set them up for a bright academic journey ahead at Kickstart!

Get Involved, Today!

If you are eager to be a part of making Kickstart a reality for 500 students in need, there are numerous ways you can get involved! Your contribution will play a significant role in ensuring the success of this back-to-school readiness initiative. Together, let's make a difference of a brighter future for our youth!

Donation Drives

Organize a donation drive in your community, workplace, or social circle to collect items like shoes, backpacks, and school supplies. By rallying support and spreading awareness, you can gather essential resources for the students in need.

Event Prep

Volunteer for event preparation tasks,  such as arranging supplies. Your hands-on involvement will be crucial in ensuring a smooth and successful experience for both volunteers and attendees.

Marketing and Outreach

Spread the word about Kickstart through social media, community newsletters, and local outreach efforts. By engaging with various platforms and stakeholders, you can increase awareness about the event and encourage more people to get involved in supporting students in need.


Help make a difference by contributing monetary donations towards purchasing essential supplies for the students in need. Every dollar counts towards providing shoes, backpacks, school supplies, and more for a successful school year.

financially support kickstart!

Donate now to Kickstart and help provide essential supplies such as shoes, backpacks, school supplies, and more for a successful back-to-school transition. Your contribution will directly impact the readiness and confidence of these students as they embark on a new academic year. Join us in creating a positive change and empowering our youth through your generous donation to Kickstart today!

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